I was introduced to throwing on the wheel by my first teacher, Craig Roth, in January of 2017. For me, working in clay was love at first sight...I signed up for classes at The Village Potters in Asheville, NC, and have loved learning from my teachers there, including Judi Harwood, Julia Mann, and Sarah Wells Rolland.

I am heavily influenced by Steven Hill, and I participated in his workshop at The Bascom in October of 2019. He is an exceptionally gracious and generous teacher.

Western North Carolina is rich ground for pottery information and inspiration...Kyle Carpenter, Michael Kline, Courtney Martin, and Bandana Pottery are constant sources of inspiration for me. Since moving to Baton Rouge, LA in January 2021, I look forward to continuing my craft in our new home.

I love the process of making objects which will be of practical use in my clients home...making these pots and sharing them with my buyers brings me great joy

Bill Moore

Owner, TreeHouse Pottery Baton Rouge